Floating current turbines for sea, estuary, river or stream.

The turbine is fully underwater but "upside down" below the floating barge. It can get out of the water in just one minute thanks to a winch device and goes right on the deck. The device is anchored by mooring lines.

Hydro-gen is an exclusive and unique technology in the marine and river energies landscape. It is:
- The easiest to manufacture, install, move, maintain, repair, neutralize and uninstall.
   Install/Start/Uninstall: One day/One person
- The cheapest kwh. 

Hydro-Gen is particularly relevant for isolated and remote sites, rural electrification, energy self-sufficiency, and ZNI 
(non-interconnected zones). 

We currrently sale 2 turbines of 20 kw and 70 kw. For superior power, please contact us.

















Front view
Rear view
Turbine on the deck
Turbine in output

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Hydro-Gen : An integrated system 
More than a current turbine, it is an integrated system that 
allows installation, mobility, maintenance, repair, modularity, 
evolution, in addition of course of electicity production.
Without external addditional staff or means.